Anatomy of a Healer

Anatomy of a Healer
Quantum Healing Through the Soul

The Temple Within

The Temple Within
Who we really are - is Divinity. We are all an extension of something Divine. We should remember that!

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Your Cranial System is truly the House of the Soul. Its extending fascia is a magical realm that holds the memory of everything that's ever happened to you - and how to heal it on every level. Your 12 cranial bones are your soul's house of mirrors. Each casts a specific reflection on how your soul being relates to and sees your life.The slightest compression or misalignment, casts a deep shadow on your life. It's hard to see who you are or your path in life and you lose your connection to God or the Divine. Realigning these bones and their fascia, calls your soul back and re-integrates you with your physical, mental, emotional and soul body on the deepest levels. If you are in pain, or your life is a struggle, joy is hard to find and emotions feels stuck, heavy or sad, this is the work for you.

Monday, December 6, 2010


The Lovely Bones

Perfect alignment of the bones in our cranial system and the magical fabric (the Fascia) that suspends them is more critical than you think. When the fascia twists during whiplash/injury, the cranial bones pull out of alignment; your reality distorts and you can be left with pain of an unexplained origin. This is because Medicine looks to the superficial, unbelieving of the vital messages coming from the deepest place in our core. The cranial bones and fabric is the home of our soul and our consciousness. Each cranial bone has a specific meaning and impacts your body and your perceptions of life.
The Ethmoid Bone
The ethmoid bone is like a small cap that sits over the upper nose below the eyes and against the cheekbones. It’s nicknamed the Crystal Palace and its alignment is key in being able to see your way ahead in life, and see it clearly. “Why am I here, where am I going?” Because it sits in the middle of the face and rocks up and down, if it begins to rock more to one side, this tumbling action makes for confusion in your life. And who of us has not had a bump to our nose? It’s attached to the front of the faux cerebri membrane, a vertical fan of fascia that separates the two halves of the brain. It’s important that this membrane moves freely in response to the ethmoid. Its misalignment will cause you to begin experiencing the side effects listed below.

The Ethmoid: upper nose between the eyes

the ethmoid is attached to the front connection point of the faux cerebri membrane which separates the left/right brain. It’s like a child holding onto a large kite
its delicacy allows for easy movement of its neighbors, to alleviate stress in the skull
part of the inner eye, specifically related to seeing the way ahead, if you see that the way ahead as being clear, (aligned ethmoid) then the way ahead will be clear.
during an insightful experience it lights up – and is called the crystal palace,
if you don’t acknowledge your ability to see your way ahead in life, it tumbles on its axis and the area becomes cloudy, as if you are lost in a mist.
common affliction is sinusitis,
a tumbling motion in the ethmoid can produce deeply disturbed psychological states
misalignment can cause darkness, distraction, despair, disturbance
any injuries/compression to the upper nasal bridge distorts your view of your lifepath

If this is happening in your life, scheduling regular cranial sessions will keep you functioning at your optimum level, lift your mood and your energy level and allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest. 

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