Anatomy of a Healer

Anatomy of a Healer
Quantum Healing Through the Soul

The Temple Within

The Temple Within
Who we really are - is Divinity. We are all an extension of something Divine. We should remember that!

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Your Cranial System is truly the House of the Soul. Its extending fascia is a magical realm that holds the memory of everything that's ever happened to you - and how to heal it on every level. Your 12 cranial bones are your soul's house of mirrors. Each casts a specific reflection on how your soul being relates to and sees your life.The slightest compression or misalignment, casts a deep shadow on your life. It's hard to see who you are or your path in life and you lose your connection to God or the Divine. Realigning these bones and their fascia, calls your soul back and re-integrates you with your physical, mental, emotional and soul body on the deepest levels. If you are in pain, or your life is a struggle, joy is hard to find and emotions feels stuck, heavy or sad, this is the work for you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Mind  Power

Only check the statements that are true.

1.  SACRUM (spinal base)

___  is it difficult for you to accumulate money or materials things?
___  are you easily thrown off balance?
___  is it hard to stand your ground in an argument/confrontation?
___  do you feel unsafe, unstable or unsupported?
___  is it hard to stay in one place for very long?
___  are you sensitive to criticism?
___  do feel tense when confronted by an authority figure?

2.   OCCIPITAL (skull base)

___  is it hard for you to accept responsibility or be a leader?
___  is problem solving or brainstorming difficult?
___  do you over react fairly easily?
___  do you have a problem with authority?
___  is it hard to feel joy or to “go with the flow” in life?
___  do you easily feel betrayed or “stabbed in the back”?
___  it is hard to be in present time?
___  are you often disturbed by images from your past? 

3.   SPHENOID (eyes)

___  do you have hormonal imbalances?
___  do you often have headaches or feel that you are “not yourself”?
___  do you suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)?
___  is it hard to see your potential?
___  do you feel dis-connected?
___  do you get headaches behind your forehead?
___  do you feel low back pain?
___  do you suffer from migraines?
___  do you feel the desire to look to a higher power for support?
___  did your parents fight, shout or argue around you as a child?

4.   TEMPORAL  (ears)

___  do you have poor balance or vertigo?
___  do you often feel hungry, even shortly after eating?
___  is change and new experience difficult for you?
___  are you often inflexible?
___  do you easily over-react to situations?
___ do you have short-term memory lapse?
___  do you often feel tired and regretful?

5.   FRONTAL  (forehead)

___  are you quick to blame or judge?
___  do you feel a sense of longing or discontent?
___  do you feel disconnected from other people?
___  do you ever get so angry that you want to blow your stack?
___  do you find it difficult to hear or receive divine inspiration?

6.  PARIETALS  (top of skull)

___  are you easily overwhelmed?
___  is it hard to find direction in your life?
___  are you stubborn, obsessive?
___  do you often feel that you are butting your head up against a wall?
___  are you constantly stuck in your head?
___  is it hard to make long term plans and handle the details
___  do you get headaches when you are confused?

7. ETHMOID (nose between the eyes)

___  does it always seem that your life has obstacles in the  
___  do you ever feel lost in a fog?
___  do you suffer from sinus problems or constant stuffy nose?
___  do you feel in despair or disturbed for no apparent reason?

8. VOMER  (between palate and bridge of nose)

___  is it hard to put what you are thinking into spoken words?
___  are you always off in the future? Worrying what if?
___  is your mind unclear or indecisive?
___  do you suffer from regular sinusitis?

9.   ZYGOMAE  (cheekbones)

___  is it hard to feel proud of yourself?
___  is it hard to find your place of inner strength?
___  are you somewhat defensive?
___  do you have sinus problems?
___  do you often feel unsafe?

10.  MAXILLA (upper jaw)

___  is it hard for you to display affection?
___  is it hard for you to communicate?
___  do you give up too easily?
___  are you unable to sing or write poetry?
___  is it hard for you to do nice things for yourself?
___  are you afraid to tell the truth?
___  do you easily feel resentful?
___  do you feel awkward or ungraceful?

11.   PALATINES (soft palate support)

___  are there often times when you feel  you’ve “had it up to here”
___  do you some circumstances hard to swallow?
___  do you find it hard to cry?

12.  MANDIBLE (lower jaw)

___  do you have a fear of speaking up?
___  do you hold in unexpressed aggression?
___  is your determination level low?
___  is it hard to see who you are, what your identity is?
___  is self-expression difficult for you?
___  is it hard to express or get in touch with your sexuality?

Tally up your score.

____  Sacrum ( base of spine)
____      Occiput ( base of skull)

____      Sphenoid (behind the eyes)
____     Temporal (ears)   

____     Frontal (forehead)

____     Parietals (top of skull) 
____     Ethmoid (upper nose bridge)

____     Vomer (under nose) 

____     Cheekbones

____     Maxilla (upper jaw)  

____     Mandible (lower jaw)

____     Palatines

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